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Dynaplug Carbon Ultralite Racer Tubeless Tire Repair Tool

Dynaplug Carbon Ultralite Racer Tubeless Tire Repair Tool
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Without a doubt, this Carbon Racer tool is the optimal onboard choice for tubeless bike riders who crave everything featherweight and beyond. Only 14 grams packages the fastest tool to plug pesky punctures that evade sealant. We pulled out all the stops with this one to beat the scale, but being light doesn’t mean it’s not tough! This tool is molded of Nylon 6 plus 30% glass fill fibers which creates it's Carbon black matte surface. Snap on caps allow it to be deployed quickly and keep the plugs clean. Also included is the Carbon Silicone holder (10g) that neatly installs under the bottle cage to make the Racer easily accessible.

What's in the box:
x1 Carbon Racer tool
x3 Brass soft nose tip repair plugs
x2 Megaplug plugs
x1 Pipe cleaner
x1 Cage mount silicone tool holder

Part Numbers

850004474150 210000032757 210000032757