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Frame/Component Protection

Lizard Skins Neoprene Chainstay Protector
Ride with minimal chain slap by using a Chainstay Protector. Comes in 5 sizes and 4 colors giving you the versatility needed no matter what you ride. Designed and made in our Utah facility, the Chainstay Protector is made with neoprene and sewn with a tight stitch and heavy-duty thread for extra strength and durability. Lizard Skins chainstay guards are the original, strongest and lightest protectors on the market since 1993.
Lizard Skins Large Frame Protector
Lizard Skins adhesive bike protection offers protection from nicks and scratches and is made with high performance adhesive. - 64mm wide x 305mm long - 3 Extenders included for desired protection
Cannondale HollowGram Reflective Crank Boot
Crank Insurance compatible with HollowGram cranks. ? Protects HollowGram crank arm from rock strikes ? Reflective strip keeps riders visible
Lizard Skins Fork Boot
You asked for it. This Fork Protector is designed to help prevent scratches from happening to your stanchions. Whether it's from rocks, wear from the adventures of travel, or bug guts during roof rack transportation, this will help protect your fork. - Fits Fork Stanchion size 32-36mm - Fits forks up to 180mm in travel - Weight: 31 grams (pair)
Eclypse Nylo-Lite M5 frame bolts 8pcs. Plastic
Used to fill in M5 Frame threaded bosses to keep dirt and debris out. .23oz per package of 8
Zefal Crank Armor XL
- A minimalist, effective protective cap. The Crank Armor XL protects larger cranks against any impacts or stones. - Material: Soft thermoplastic. - Dimensions: 52 x 42.5 x 17.5mm (2 x 1.7 x 0.7 "). - Color: Black. - Sold by pair. - Weight: 18g.
Zefal Skin Armor
$19.95 - $39.95
- Material: Polyurethane. - Number of patches: 7. - Composition: 1 chainstay protection: 252 x 25mm (9.92" x 0.98"), 4 patches 25 x 35mm (0.98" x 1.37"), 2 patches 25 x 45mm (0.98" x 1.77"). - Size: S. - No rips, non-crack and secure attachment. - UV resistant. - Invisible. - Temperature fluctuations resist: From -30°C to +100°C (From -22°F to +212°F). - Thickness: 250 microns.
Zefal Chainstay Armor
- Utilisation: Protects the frame from chain slap. - Material: Soft elastomer. - Universal mounting. - Durable and high resistance. - Noise resistant. - Dimensions: 278 x 42mm (10.9'' x 1.6 "). - Weight: 40g.
Lizard Skins Patch Kit
The Lizard Skins Patch Kits are made with high performance adhesive and will protect your frame from nicks and scratches. All patch kits come with 2 large, 4 medium and 2 small patches. - 14 mils thick for premium durability - UV resistant – won’t fade or discolor
Lizard Skins Small Frame Protector
$13.95 - $14.99
Lizard Skins adhesive bike protection offers protection from nicks and scratches and is made with high performance adhesive. - 32mm wide x 222mm long - 3 Extenders included for desired protection
Zefal Crank Armor
- Crank Armor protects cranks against impacts and stones. - Material: Soft thermoplastic. - Easy mounting on the crank. - Length: 70 x 40 x 16mm ( 2.75'' x 1.57'' x 0.63''). - Sold by pair - Weight: 20g.
Expedition Rain Cover MTB
- Foldable rain cover 70" X 24" X 39" when open
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