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Test Ride Appointment Form

Test rides can be time consuming for our staff. If we know you are coming, we can have the test ride ready to go.

Please take a picture of your drivers' licence and your face and email to: or text: 519-751-2825

A helmet must be worn (We supply)



In consideration of part and in addition to the test ride at The Brantford Cyclepath, it is hereby agreed that The Brantford Cyclepath will not be liable for any bodily harm or injury whatsoever caused to the rider as a result of the test ride of said bicycle(s).

The rider further agrees to pay for any injuries caused to third parties or damages sustained to the chattels belonging to any third parties.

The rider further agrees to pay for any damage sustained to said bicycle(s) as a result of said test ride and to be responsible for the full replacement cost value of said bicycle(s) in the event that same is/are stolen during the currency of said test ride.

The rider hereby agrees that the amount of the monetary cost of said damages to the bicycle(s) or estimated cost must be paid by the rider.

All costs, including legal costs on a solicitor and client basis, shall be borne by the rider in the event that any legal action is necessary to enforce any of the terms of this agreement or to defending any action taken against The Brantford Cyclepath.

The Brantford Cyclepath staff reserve the right to refuse any test ride.