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Payment Options

Shipping to destination, as per agreed quoted amount
$25.00 - $1,000.00
Layaway or Deposit Payment Please note the item(s) this is for in the Comments section at Checkout
This item is to make an appointment deposit for a Retul Fit. This amount will be used as a credit towards your eventual FIT. Please note: If you need to reschedule, or are going to miss your Retul FIT appointment, please give us 48 hours notice, or we will use this deposit as the "Missed Appointment" fee.
- This item is to add a customer to a waiting list. This is treated as "Money on account". We transfer these into our in-store system and send an email receipt which will list the item the voucher is for. - This voucher is fully refundable if we cannot get the product, or if the customer decides to be removed from the waiting list. - One voucher per bike please. - Please "Add to Cart" and when you checkout, put what item, size, colour etc. in the "Comments" - We will be in contact as we get any information about the item. - When an item arrives, this voucher will be used towards the final invoice. - Credit Cards payments are the best way to purchase the Voucher. If we have to refund, it is a lot easier than an E-Transfer.
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