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Rental Bikes

We try to provide some of the latest in demo bikes, available for rental. If, after renting you purchase a near-equivalent model within 30 days of renting, we will credit a one-day rental fee towards the new bike purchase.

$50.00 - $195.00
This bike is available for rental only. We will provide a helmet if necessary for all our rentals. Prior to picking up, all rentals require a credit card pre-authorization for the full retail amount of the bicycle, which will be cancelled upon the safe return of the rental bicycle. You will be required to fill out a waiver/info form. The Renter will be responsible for any damage or excessive wear-and-tear done to the rented bike. We reserve the right to assess any damage after the bike is returned. We require at least a 1-day rental fee up-front to reserve the bike. Please notify us when you need the rental. We will set the saddle height as specified. If you use a clipless pedal system, please bring them with you, (We will install). There will be no other modifications or customization. All rental bikes come with a water bottle cage. Where there is a scheduling conflict, first-come, first serve.
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