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Used or Demo Bikes

At some point we need to find the bikes in our demo fleet new homes! Every bike here is refurbished and worn parts are replaced to as-new-as-possible status prior to sale.

We offer the same warranty on these bikes as any new bike we sell.

Some of these may be available to Rent/Demo. Please see the Bike Rental section for more information

Burley Rumba Tandem *USED BIKE* (Shop Demo)
This tandem has been well enjoyed and maintained. We have not needed as much in recent years, so it's time to find it a new home! Over the years we improved it to make it a solid rail-trail bike. The rear handlebars have been modified to give multiple, comfortable hand positions. Without pedals, it currently weighs 39.7lbs (18.1kg) Front - 55cm. Rear - 49cm.
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