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Maxx-Lock Key Cable Lock 15MM X 72''
- Cable lock - Steel cable / vinyl cover - Black - Sold with 4 keys 15MM X 72''
Maxx-Lock Key Folding Lock 32mm x 22mm x 21.5mm
- Folding lock Maxx-Lock - Hard Steel - 4 keys - Comes with a case to easily attach to your bike. - 32mm x 22mm x 21.5mm
Generic Straight Steel Braided Cable - U-Lock Supplemental Cable
-Unique cable design, allows cable to pass through its own loop, and then lock to itself, dramatically increasing useable locking length. -Ideal for multiple bikes -10mm x 200cm Flexi-Weave self-coiling cable -437g
Bike Guard ROCKY KEY 1215
• Auto-locking key mechanism for convenience • 12mm x 150cm self-coiling wound cable • Includes mounting bracket and 3 keys • 302 g
ABUS Pro Tectic 4960 Frame Lock
ABUS' Pro Tectic Frame Lock is good for quick errands in safe neighborhoods. Its extra-wide opening—2.48 inches wide and 4.25 inches high—locks your rear wheel, preventing your bike from rolling or being ridden, while accommodating a variety of tire/wheel sizes. The case, 8.5mm shackle, and supporting elements of the locking mechanism are all made of special temper-hardened steel. The locking mechanism is in the lock body, providing an easy connection to the 4960 accessory chains and cables (each sold separately), and letting you lock your bike to a fixed object. The 4960 can be mounted to the bike using either the cantilever brake-mount option or the spannband LH adapter for bikes without screw/bolt sockets. • Mechanism Type: Key • Diameter: 8.5 mm • Shackle Height: 108 mm • Shackle Width Inner: 6.3 cm • 2 keys are supplied with the lock
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