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We use Bike GPS and Strava for bike routes.

All our routes start from our shop. Navigating from other points should be easy. 

If you don't have accounts, they are free. Sign-up.  Strava has an option to print the route if necessary.

These routes are publicly available. We are not responsible for any accident or injury due to riding any of our routes. Ride at your own risk.

Please be safe, use a helmet and a flashing rear light.

Brantford/Brant Gravel 53km

Gravel Rail Trail. Few hills.  Go to The Windmill in Mt. Pleasant for a coffee! (They are closed Sundays)

Brant East Road 35km

Road Ride. Rolling short hills. Not difficult, but some very busy roads (Hwy #2. and Lynden Rd. Please be VERY careful)

Waterford Gravel Run 70km

Gravel Rail Trail. Very few hills, but they can be stinkers when you hit them. Drop in at Kerry's in Waterford for coffee and a butter tart!

Glen Morris Gravel 59km Ride

There are some surprises on this route. It is designed to be light and fun.

Brant County Road Ramble 72km

Rolling Hills, nothing too major. Enjoy some of the best roads Brant County has to offer.

Sydenham Surprise! Road 66km

Road. If you want hills, here they are!

Cambridge Gravel 81km

Mostly flat, but a few stinkers! A good, stretch-your-legs and have fun gravel grinding route!

Downloading a GXP File to your GPS Device

The easiest thing to do is to import the route into your Garmin Connect account. If this is problematic, then do the following:

Garmin GPX file import instuctions (YouTube Video)