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Brantford Cyclepath offers bike trade-in options for in-store credit, applicable towards the purchase of a new bike.

Our trade-in program is simple and will save you the hassle of selling the bike privately. Evaluations only take a few minutes.

This program is offered in partnership with Cycling Avenue. The trade-in values are offered at their discretion. This service is meant to offer a quick and easy way to sell your bike without having to deal with the hassle of private resale. You may get a better price if you were to sell it privately.


Must be a road, mountain, triathlon/TT, cyclocross/gravel, hybrid or electric bike


Must be a recognized name brand (no generic brand from big box retailers)


Must be functional and in good condition (if parts need to be replaced, their price will be deducted from the exchange value)


Must not be older than 10 years
We save you time and effort to sell your old bike.

You avoid awkward meetups and negotiations with strangers.

We offer a fair price for your used bike and get you into something new, quickly.

You save part of the taxes on your new bike purchase.

Fill-in the trade-in form. Get a preliminary estimate

The Fine Print

- We can only accept trade-ins on bikes or equipment that are from a name brand and not from a department store. Sorry, no children's bikes.

- The trade-in value can only be used towards a new bike or equipment.

- The trade-in item(s) must be in excellent working condition. The cost of any repairs will be deducted from the trade-in value. Damaged carbon fibre, dented bikes or ruined paint/decals will be refused. We need to inspect the equipment to ensure it meets the trade-in requirements.

- We do not sell your used bike or equipment. We ship to another company that specializes in used bikes. They only accept products in excellent working order.

- we can only trade-in bikes and equipment listed on our trade-in form. Please do not contact us for anything not listed.

- Bicycles and equipment that are more than 10 years old will most likely be rejected.